Fragments from
xPatterns Volume I


Quítate tú que llegó la caballota
la perra, la diva, la potra
la mami que tiene el tumbao’
al que se pare al frente
me lo llevo enredao’

Ivy Queen


I think graphic design is an activity, is a set of tools, is a way of thinking, but it is cold. Design by itself isn’t anything until you put some personality in it or activism. It needs something behind it for it to be a thing. This is why modernism is not interesting to me because it is cold, it serves a purpose but it gives you nothing to respond to. It’s just form, really.

Jerome Hariss


Siento que la gente sí está hablando más de representación, pero todo eso se convirtió en un accesorio, la verdad. Creo que en nuestro campo, cuando se habla de abrir espacios, se hace más en función de “cómo puedo mostrar mi liberalismo”, y para mi eso a veces hace hasta más daño.

Eduardo Palma


I feel like in general there’s this misrepresentation that they’re trying to give you an idea of what a Latino should be like. Why your work is colorful? they want to explain why you look different and why your work looks different.

Bárbara Abbês


We need to re-educate ourselves and engage with material that we don’t even think about in the context of design.

Ramon Tejada


Es interesante ver cómo se puede empezar a expandir lo que se entiende por diseño, sacarlo un poco del elitismo racial y académico.

Eduardo Palma


I keep thinking postmodernism was this fantastic idea, but postmodernism didn’t really move (diversify) the perspective of design at all. No, it was still the voice of Western Europeans, it’s just that some Western Europeans decided to turn things upside down, but it was still Western Europe.

Ramon Tejada


It has been a great opportunity for me to let people know through these images what’s going on with us, the anxiety and the fear that we all go through every day without knowing what’s going to happen. Also, to let people know who we are. We’re not criminals. We’re not bad people.

Karen Fajardo


I stood at the border, stood at the edge and claimed it my central

Toni Morisson